What to do in Slovenia

What to do in Slovenia: Nine options to discover new territory


A cycling tour

There are many cycling tours possible in Slovenia. The area closest to Italy, but also the one with the fewest uphill and downhill sections, is the Soca Valley.
But there is a route, which more than others deserves to be cycled, and it is the one that links San Dorligo, the municipality where our residence is located, to Socerb. Be careful though because it is a route for expert cyclists.

Slovenia – Lipica for golf and horses

(at approximately 20 minutes by car from the residence)
Lipica is synonymous with horses and stables. It is here in fact that during the Habsburg period a breed of horses was developed, called “Lipizzaner”. Visiting stables and indulging in a canter in a green setting or taking a tour in a carriage are certainly activities worth participating in here. The more sports-minded, on the other hand, can go swing their golf clubs at the Golf Club Lipica, a world-class establishment.

Slovenia – Škocjan Caves

(at approximately 30 minutes by car from the residence)
A true marvel of nature, which UNESCO has designated a World Heritage Site. One of the most outstanding karst phenomena is made up of 5 km of galleries and caverns covered with stalactites and stalagmites, which make the spaces even more striking: one stalagmite, called “Il Gigante” (the giant), is actually 15 m high. The visit takes approximately one hour and a half and is not very demanding.
Slovenia – Capodistria – Koper (approximately 30 minutes from the residence by car)
Wandering through the lanes and alleys in this lovely Venetian-style town constitutes a delight for the eyes. If you like wine, Capodistria (Koper in Slovenian) is the right place to enjoy excellent red wines while watching sunsets facing the sea.

Slovenia – Pirano and its salt pans

(at approximately 30 minutes by car from the residence)
Medieval walls that are still intact, a Venetian-style belltower that dominates the town, which overlooks the sea. This is a brief presentation of Pirano, which is famous in the entire Mediterranean for its valuable salt and its medieval heritage.

What to do in Slovenia | Residence Bleu

Slovenia – Postojna Cave

(at approximately 40 minutes by car from the residence)
The most visited karst attraction in Europe, but also the only cave to feature a 140-year-old railway inside and even a castle! The many marvels that can be admired here include the “Brillante”, a 5m-high stalagmite, the world’s oldest underground post office and the bizarre olm, also known as the “human fish”.

Slovenia – Ljubljana

(at approximately 1 1/2 hours by car from the residence)
One word to describe the capital of Slovenia? Green! Rich in vegetation but also eager to protect the environment. Designed by the architect Jože Plečnik, Ljubljana is a city with plenty of cultural events, with an active nightlife and mouth-watering food.
You will not be able to resist its artisanal beers!

What to do in Slovenia | Residence Bleu

Slovenia – Lake Bled

(at approximately 2 hours by car from the residence)
Slovenia only has one single island, which is located in the middle of beautiful Lake Bled. How do you get there? On traditional Slovenian boats, the pletne. If you want to admire it from afar though, you can go to the castle built in the 12th century, which has also been the venue for important weddings of numerous European aristocrats. From the Habsburg period, Bled has been a highly appreciated thermal spa. In Bled you can practice your golf and go for walks in the middle of nature.

Soca Valley, high-energy rafting

(at approximately 2 hours by car from the residence)
We are certain that you have never seen a river of this colour, it is a bright emerald green. Kayaking, rafting, canyoning… Energy is flowing. Here, in fact, you will be able to practice these sports, take basic lessons to get started and rent all the necessary equipment. And if you do not feel like a sprinkling of cool water, you will be able to walk along one of the paths next to the riverbed. One of the most beautiful places to visit is the mouth of the Soca near Bovec, where you will find the Boka waterfall, which is 144 m high.

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