What to do in Val Rosandra

Cose da fare in val Rosandra

What to do in Val Rosandra: Three options for nature lovers.

Climbing the cliffs

This is one of the favourite locations for climbers.
The walls on which to practice are numerous (more than 20) and cater to various levels of difficulty.
The Val Rosandra or “Valle”, as it is commonly called, is the historical practice wall in Trieste that has been enchanting climbers from the 1920s on. It provides more than 500 options on calcareous rock for all levels of difficulty. The segments are developed between Bagnoli, Moccò, S. Antonio in Bosco and S. Lorenzo. The majority of the walls can be easily reached from the road or main paths, whilst others are located a little further afield. Multi-pitch routes are also available to more expert climbers, such as the classic Grande and Spigolo verde.
Should you require further information we recommend this website for specialists in the discipline: triesteonsight.it 

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A relaxing cycling tour in a green setting in the middle of nature

One of the most fascinating cycling paths in the region runs here, the walking and cycling trail “Giordano Cottur” – the former railway, also called “Ciclabile della Val Rosandra” (cycling path of Val Rosandra). You can actually leave from the centre of Trieste (on via Orlandini) and reach the middle of nature in the reserve. The route is fairly easy and allows to reach Hrpelje, in Slovenia. Alternatively, you could stop in Bottazzo-Botač, on the journey you could admire fascinating historical industrial views, in addition to nature.
Here, in fact, the old railway ran that linked Trieste to the transalpine railway line, which went from Istria to Gorizia.

Walking on the via delle acque

One of the best things to do in Val Rosandra certainly includes hiking. Among the most characteristic hikes is the on the via delle acque. The path starts soon after the Premuda refuge and in the beginning winds among the trees and subsequently reaches the actual riverbed. Here, in two or three locations, it will be necessary to walk on rocks and to do so you must be physically fit. Proceeding you will reach a true canyon, which can be crossed through a narrow ledge (level path that juts out from the rock). Watch out, those of you prone to vertigo!
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